May 29, 2019

Writing my own Hugo theme

There’re billions upon billions of very well made themes for Hugo out there, so it’s a huge waste of my time to even attempt writing my own. Time that can be well spent working on Budgeteer or SnowboardGP or Kutsurogi or Okra or Libraga, and so on. I have so many ideas, all of them barely touched upon.


Said I, at the beginning of this year. You see, this blog was supposed to be launched on 1st of Jan, 2019. Then It was ‘delayed’ till the 15th of April. Then again till 10th of May, surely I can complete something as simple as a site theme during one of longest stretch of Japanese holidays in modern times?!

But I didn’t.

Because I couldn’t find a theme I was satisfied with. Therefore I kept twiddling and twaddling, trying to find one that was almost right and then trying to customise it to $MY_UNIQUE_NEEDS. You see, my needs are special. Everyone may have their own special needs but mine are different.

Eventually, I settled on KISS. There’re still a few things that annoy me and I’m not totally satisfied with it. Not 100%, probably not even 80%. But It Just Works™. Therefore I used it and launched this blog with it two weeks ago.

So I’m going to make my own one anyway.

© Sen Heng 2019