June 15, 2019

Theme Design Dos And Do-Nots

When gathering requirements, it’s often just as helpful to define what are the things you shouldn’t do as much as the things you should do.

Having a goal in place defines the end point.

Having a list of things not to do prevents scope creep.


  • Home page (list)
    • list of all Posts and TILs, sorted by latest
    • no pagination, just list everything every written
    • title, publish date, tags, author
    • invisible block for title image (svg)
    • some kind of icon to identify post type (post/TIL/?)
    • post summary
  • individual posts page (single)
    • hero image area, title, publish date, author, tags
    • return to home
    • next / prev article links (show titles)
  • list articles by tags (list)
    • reusable also for posts, TILs, future categories
    • basically structure as home list
  • About page
    • description about me, the page
  • Contact
  • get design 90% complete, then worry about hugo template syntax
    • create a design straight in plain html and css
    • focus on general structure
    • ignore pixel level minutiae
    • use placeholders for images and icons
    • monocolour only


  • build a general use theme
    • this is for me only
    • don’t bother setting a separate git repo for theme
  • spend time on little details
    • type optimisation
    • optimising spacing between elements
    • code blocks and syntax highlighting
  • designs for future planned content, only what we need right now
  • separate list designs
  • separate single designs
  • unique pages

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