Hugo Theme Two

2019 - 06 - 14


There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there about creating a theme in Hugo so I’ve been reading the docs to figure out how the various functions and variables work. So here’s a list of things I figured out while on a plane flying eight hours to attend my cousin’s wedding.

New theme scaffolding

hugo new theme fantasy

This command creates a new theme called fantasy within the themes folder. You should know that it’s quite sparse. The basic directory structure is all setup and a few html files are created, but the html files are blank.

Generating with this theme essentially creates a blank page. Fear the white canvas!


partial is how Hugo splits a page into partials. The structure is basically

{{ partial "path/name" $CONTEXT}}

So something like this.

<!-- index.html -->
{{ partial "header" . }}
<p>something in between</p>
{{ partial "footer" . }}

<!-- header.html -->
<h1>I am a header</h1>

<!-- footer.html -->
<span>I am a footer</span>

Generates a html like this.

<h1>I am a header</h1>
<p>something in between</p>
<span>I am a footer</span>

partial seems to automagically refer to anything within the layouts/partials directory. You can even refer to a partial from a partial, like so.

<!-- header.html -->
<h1>{{ partial "nested" . }}</h1>

<!-- nested.html -->
<p> I am nested within header </p>

<!-- generates this -->
<h1><p> I am nested within header </p></h1>

The Dot

The dot is basically like this in Javascript. It refers to the current context. Using the same example as in partials, it basically means ‘pass in all data from index into header’. Using just . passes in the global context, basically everything. You can also pass in something more specific, like only page contents using the .Page variable. This is useful when your partial is only generating something limited, like say a list of posts or tags.

{{ partial "nested" .Page }}

Looping things

You can loop using the range keyword.

<!-- $ARRAY := [1, 2, 3] -->
{{ range $ARRAY }}
  <span>{{ . }}</span>
{{ end }}

<!-- generates -->

Things I couldn’t figure out

My excuse was that I was on a plane flying over open water with no ridiculously expensive internet access. Downloading NPM packages didn’t really seem worth the costs.

Next action

I’ve messed around with it enough to get something sort of working. I should probably spend a couple days working on a design.

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