Planned Projects

2019 - 06 - 16

Quick list of projects I’m planning/working on.


Projects I’m actively working on.

1. Legend of Code

This very blog you’re looking at, if you even exist. Hi there!

2. Budgeteer

Something to plan budgets with, but not really. Maybe more of a networth visualiser. This is based on a patchwork of various code snippets and SQL scripts I’ve cobbled together over the years so I could check my current liquidity and put together a rough budget. Doesn’t work very well because it requires too many manual steps.

So yes, it is used to plan a budget. But what it actually does is just create a visualisation of my assets and liabilities. I should probably do some needs gathering and properly define whatever the hell it is I want to build. It’s probably multiple projects in one because it originally stemmed from a RECORD-ALL-THE-THINGS! kind of project that was equally as well defined and definitely didn’t suffer from scope creep or anything.

I don’t intend to monetise or sell this thing so it is basically my little tech playground.

3. SnowboardGP

Essentially my snowboarding blog but is something I think has a slight chance of generating some side income.

Essentially a simple visual map of all the ski resorts in Japan and a trip planner. Changes to the Google Maps pricing has complicated things a little.

Just a little.

4. Kutsurogi

Home refactoring project. I should probably blog about it.


Stuff that’s I’ve stopped working on for now.

5. Okra

Dashboard and visualisations for OKRs

6. Libraga

Static site generator with a CMS. Something I made to learn nodejs. Never finished, probably never will.

7. GitSee

Git GUI - A git that you can see.

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