Hello world

I've finally got around to building my website. As you can see, it's still quite sparse. I plan to document the design and build as I go.

Progress will probably be slow.

Let's quickly talk about the tech stack.

Previous versions of this website were built using static site generators like Jekyll, Wintersmith, Hugo, etc. Probably more but these were the ones I remembered. These all failed for various reasons: lack of skill, lack of motivation, insufferable documentation, lack of planning.

This time it's different!™

This time, I'm using Next.js, something I'm already using everyday at $DAY_JOB. I've also separated my tasks where instead of designing and coding all at once, I started off with a basic design before even typing git init.

MDX seems to be popular for Next.js based blogs but I've decided to stick with plain markdown to keep a clear separation of concerns between code and content.

GitHub Pages is where I'm currently hosting this. I might move it elsewhere later once it's more developed.

Everything else is still in flux. One thing at a time.

See you again! 👋