Hi, I'm Sen — freelance software engineer and business consultant.

I help companies and people build web interfaces and design systems, turning dreams into products.

NPM Update

Because I keep forgetting. This is for updating all dependencies to latest.

Learning to say No

I had a long train journey and started thinking about how to update my blogging projects, Lore and Codex. Spoiler alert, Lore is just fine.

Limit number between a range

After doing some arithmetic, I need to limit the value between a specific range. Useful for sliders.

The Collection Type

A useful data structure I like to use for nosql types of data

Task Management

A quick rundown of the how I do task management, after finding that it's really similar to a method called 'autofocus'.

Hello again

Rumours of my demise have been exaggerated

My Macs

I'm writing this to clear my thoughts regarding buying the Mac Studio.