Speccing the M2 MacBook Air

The new M2 MacBook Air has just been announced and I intend to get one to replace my 2017 Retina MacBook.

Usually, the simple thing to do would be to just max out the specs. However, I have been using my Retina MacBook for almost 5 years now together with a maxxed out 2018 Mac Mini as well as whatever MacBook Pro I sometimes get assigned at work.

I know that I do not require max specs on this machine because it is mostly used when I'm out of the office.


There are 2 options here with only a single difference: 8 core GPU or 10 core GPU. Both options offer an 8 core CPU and 16 core Neural Engine.

I will not be gaming on this machine, I'm not editing videos. I onced did some work with WebGL but not anymore. Therefore the additonal 2 cores make little difference to me.


I don't run too many containers, but I've often got some kind of Windows VM going as well as Docker containers running various databases.

I will max this out.


Now this is the surprising part. I had initially assumed 1TB would be perfect.

Then I looked at my Mac Mini and it only had 512GB.

Then I looked at my Retina MacBook and it only had 256GB, which was only half full.

It looks like I'm perfectly fine with the smallest storage option available.


The base spec M2 MacBook Air with max RAM looks like it'll meet most of my needs as I only use it while travelling. Most of my beef work will be done at the office on my 2018 (intel) Mac Mini. Speaking of which, I'll getting a Mac Studio Max to replace that too.