Learning to say No

I write all this riding the shinkansen on the way back to Nagano. It's unrefined and that's OK.

Lore is old, not legacy or deprecated, just not the latest. What you're reading now is built on Lore.

Codex was meant to replace Lore. I started it using the latest version of Next.js, React, etc. as well as re-importing all the learnings I've had over the past few years working on Chubic. It would also import the content from a separate repo so that Codex could be open sourced.

So my first thought was how I would update Lore, updating all the dependencies and copying over all the new config files and so on.

But no.

It’s unnecessary.

The Page Router still works. Chubic uses the Page Router. Fey uses the Page Router. It’s unnecessary to update to the App Router. It would be nice to learn how it works but now is not the time.

We’re short for time and we need to prioritise ruthlessly.

Think like a start up with a short run way.

In fact, we ARE a start up with a short run way and limited time to achieve PMF.

What is our run way?

Probably 2 years give or take. Actually, our run way is not financial, it is time. We have little time and we can’t waste it being unfocused.

In a sense, working on the blog is not working on Millefeuille or Mogul. But I’m still prioritising the blog because I believe it will be important in our future marketing efforts.

Work on Lore will be time boxed to the month of March. Today is the 15th so we have 16 days left.

Make good use of it.

to be continued...