ESLint Flat Config and Next.js

ESLint released a new config format while the world wasn't paying attention. Nothing life shattering, everything rolled along as always.

Then ESLint 9.0 was released and the new flat config became the default.

Anyway, enough with the back story. Here's my eslint.config.js file updated to work with Nextjs. eslint-config-next no longer works. The solution is to manually import the 3 plugins included within the config file and add them to the config.

  • @next/eslint-plugin-next
  • eslint-plugin-react
  • eslint-plugin-react-hooks

I added them at the top the same I had it in my previous .eslintrc.json file so that the various recommended rules after it will have a higher priority, then I added my custom rules to the bottom.

// @ts-check

import eslint from '@eslint/js';
import tseslint from 'typescript-eslint';
import prettierConfig from 'eslint-config-prettier';
import nextPlugin from '@next/eslint-plugin-next';
import reactPlugin from 'eslint-plugin-react';
import hooksPlugin from 'eslint-plugin-react-hooks';
import typescriptParser from '@typescript-eslint/parser';

export default tseslint.config(
    languageOptions: {
      parser: typescriptParser,
    plugins: {
      '@next/next': nextPlugin,
      react: reactPlugin,
      'react-hooks': hooksPlugin,
    rules: {
      '@next/next/no-img-element': 'error',
    rules: {
      '@typescript-eslint/no-explicit-any': 'off',